Military Blogs and News

  1. BlackFive – Military Support Blog
  2. Central Command – CENTCOM official web site
  3. Counterterrorism Blog-Counterterrorism Blog
  4. Danger Room – National Security Blog
  5. Defend America – News and Information on war and terrorisum
  6. Defense Tech – The future of the Military, Law Enforcement and National Security
  7. Media Myth Busters – Truth Through Scrutiny
  8. MilBlogs – Military, War on Terror
  9. – Benefiting the US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard
  10. Pritzker Military Library– Pritzker Military Library is free and open to the public
  11. Pundit Review Radio – Where the old media meets the new
  12. Small Wars Journal – Small wars are operations undertaken under executive authority…
  13. Strategy Page – Strategy Page is a comprehensive summary of military news and affairs.
  14. The Long War Journal– Latest news on the war on terrorism
  15. The Tank – National Review Online
  16. ThreatsWatch – Supporting Security by Enhancing Awareness
  17. Victory Caucus – Backend war news
  18. Ruthless Riders – 7/17th Air Cav Association

For some extraordinary photos of ground combat in brutal terrain in Afghanistan check out:

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