The MACV Foundation is a non-partisan organization that also provides information and opinions about our society’s obligation and commitment to reintegration for veterans, their families, and the families of members of the Armed Force deployed to decision-makers and policy-makers within the private and public sectors.

The Foundation welcomes opportunities to advocate for veterans and their families. As part of that advocacy work, the Foundation listens to – and shares information with people with different points of view.

Always, however, the Foundation’s focus is on its mission.

Because the Foundation is non-partisan, it DOES NOT support or oppose any political party or candidate. It may from time to time – as an educational service – publish and distribute factual information for citizens to use when preparing to vote. It may also link to other websites or be linked from other websites of other organizations or groups interested in supporting the Foundation’s mission.

These other organizations or groups may be “partisan” in nature or purpose. Such informational meetings or website linkages do not imply an endorsement on the part of the MACV Foundation to the content or purposes of the “communicating” or “linking” organization, group, or candidate.

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