We Support Those Who Defended Us


MACV is a Christian based organization that endeavors to meet the needs of all Veterans from the Korean, Vietnam, IRAQI and Afghanistan Wars, and all those involved in the ongoing war on terror no matter where the battlefield is located. MACV seeks to help all Veterans with their educational, healthcare and community endeavors.

logoBecause of significant improvements to the federal GI Bill, the State of Arizona expects to see large numbers of Iraq (OIF) and Afghanistan (OEF) Veterans enrolling in colleges and universities. Many Veterans continuing their education are at risk to fail in the advancement of their educational goals. MACV is here to help.

Healthcare and benefits are sometimes a major obstacle for returning and current Arizona Veterans. MACV can help guide the Veteran through the maze of VA paperwork and procedures. Our representatives have the knowledge and experience to make the process go more smoothly.

Many returning, as well as current Veterans, face difficulties finding housing, community resources and support groups. The MACV Foundation is establishing a 40-acre ranch near St. Johns, Arizona to help the Veterans of the Metro Phoenix area, as well as any other Veterans escape the summer heat (April thru September). The MACV Ranch will provide transportation, as well as shelter and meals. At the ranch, Veterans will have the opportunity to interact with fellow Veterans and staff, enjoy recreational activities and work in a relaxed atmosphere.

Effective early intervention and on-going assistance with Veterans’ problems will increase the Veterans’ likelihood of success in higher education, healthier personal and family relationships, as well as improved reintegration to the community.

Our Strategic plan calls for MACV to strengthen Veterans’ reintegration through:

  • Education – The MACV Foundation plans to collaborate with public and private sector partners to support a pilot project for a Veteran-supportive campus at community colleges and roll this out statewide and nationwide in the following years. The MACV Foundation will host community meetings with focus-group discussions for community providers on issues related to reintegration and readjustment for Veterans and their families on campuses. The MACV Foundation will hold sensitively training classes/meetings and suggest curriculum related to the Veteran and military-friendly schools. The MACV Foundation will host recognition and reintegration events on holidays such as Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day.
  • Healthcare – The MACV Foundation will advocate on behalf of the Veterans with the VA Medical System, helping newly returned Veterans, and current Arizona Veterans work through the maze of paperwork necessary to apply for their medical benefits, including medical treatment and disability benefits.
  • Community Needs and Support – Many Veterans face numerous obstacles once returning home, or find themselves in domestic situations that prove difficult once they are home. PTSD and other emotional problems can erode the home life to a point where the Veteran needs help or support. The MACV Foundation can direct the Veteran to the various agencies that can help. In addition, The MACV Foundation Ranch can provide housing for displaced Veterans during the hot summer months, and The Ranch’s future plans consist of more permanent housing year-round.

Incorporated in Arizona and listed with the I.R.S. as a 501c3 educational and charitable nonprofit organization, The MACV Foundation was launched in 2009.

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